Life goes on.

Well I decided to do something with this old site. I figured I could write a little about what I will be going through the next few years with this cancer shit. In case you don’t know I have¬† squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil. It showed up on my left tonsil, back of my tongue and roof of the throat.

I found this out on Dec. 31 2014 well found out I had issues the cancer was diagnose on Dec 31 so happy F’en New Year to me huh?¬† Anyways I kinda read this can go a lot of different ways and I wont really know anything till treatment starts on Feb 3 so for now I will just wait it out and play it day by day.

You can fallow me on FaceBook here I will most likely setup a donation link through PayPal cuz this is gunna get real expensive quick but for now I am just going to write each day and bitch about it because that’s why I have this site for anyways.

Peace and Love to ya’s


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