Are We Broke Enough

U.S. debt quickly rises to 14.5 trillion, can it get any worse? Well it maybe worse already according to a report  U.S. Debt Woes Far Worse Than You Think ” Washington’s $14.3 trillion figure excludes things politicians find it inconvenient to call debt “.

Not to worry thou because the super 12 lawmakers appointed to a new congressional supercommittee.

Read more: Supercommittee now after reading that you have to feel better about this whole debt deal that was passed right? Well let see what Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) has to say House Republican: Debt deal contains ‘fantasy cuts’ .

Now I read somewhere that the passing of this new budget was to keep our AAA+ rating but it still droped to a AA+ rating go figure huh?

So after all this what do most of the U.S. think? Most Believe CountryGoing in Wrong Direction (according to

Well I suppose this is about all the bad news I can handle this week and I just can’t wait to see what happens when everyone in Washington comes back from vacation. 


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